The Colma Historical Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit membership-supported organization.   We were founded on July 26, 1993.


Mission Statement:


To collect, preserve and display documents and artifacts and disseminate information relating to the history of the Town of Colma.





Four membership meetings are held each year, the second Sunday in February, the last Tuesday in April, the Birthday Celebration on July 26th, the last Tuesday in October.  Please call for times  650-757-1676.


Our Motto:


"It's Great to be Alive in Colma"




"News and Notes" is printed four times per year, January,April, July and October





Our Board Members:


Maureen O'Connor - President

Ed Graham - Vice President

Richard Rocchetta - Secretary

Margy Baldwin - Treasurer

Frank Maffei - Railroad Consultant

Esmeralda Harper - Docent

Earl Harper - Docent

Michael Rocchetta - Computer & Displays


Patricia Hatfield - President Emerita

Dorothy Hillman - Treasurer Emerita









Maureen O'Connor - Newsletter, Dinner Chair, Tea Co-Chair

Richard Rocchetta - Museum & Office Manager

Diana Colvin - Membership Chair

Pat Hatfield - Tour Coordinator

Sue Hudson - Hospitality Chair, Tea Co-Chair

Bunny Gillespie, Vaughn & Gloriann Jones - Program Chairs

Connie O'Leary - Website Manager





We welcome any historical items for our museum displays that are particularly related to Colma. Family history is also welcome, as we want to learn and share the memories of our earlier residents.


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